Communicating IPR: A Video
IPR's benefits and links to growth and development

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Learning about intellectual property (IP-copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.) can and should be interactive and engaging.  It should also have learning components that may even be "fun".  The use of IP should be proactive, not simply reactive to others who may want to steal intellectual property.  


Galaxy Systems, Inc., is reaching out to a new and expanded audience to raise awareness about the value of intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, etc.).  How YOU might recognize its importance and what intellectual property can do for YOU.  We want YOU to be empowered by IP, not threatened by it. 

Our goal is to deliver an IP awareness tool that will inject some "fun" (yes, it is possible) into learning about IP and how IP is integrated into broad business activities.  We want to increase awareness of IP as a tool for any business-minded person to use it to grow the business, generate revenues and succeed.  We hope that you will learn a little about the links between the use of IP, integrated in business, and its links to other enterprises and government.



We believe that, using IP, YOU grow the business, develop an economy.

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