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BizWiz Trademark

General Instructions
  • Click Play BizWiz Trademark1.5 to begin the game, wait for the game to load, it may take a few minutes depending upon your internet connection. 

Starting Play

  • After the program loads, double click Start to go to the “introductory” page
  • After reading the intro, right click arrow in the lower right corner
  • Enter your company name then move the cursor to the box to enter your product name, click consumer goods then click the arrow in the lower right corner
  • After reading the next page, click “OK”


  • Once the city map appears, click the pause button, lower left (two vertical parallel lines) between the “½” button (half speed) and the x2 (double speed) (note: 1 second = 1day in the game).  You can change the speed of the game at any time and pause at any time.
  • During pause, the two vertical lines convert to an arrow, click on the arrow to resume.


  • While on pause, move the cursor over the map, highlighting different buildings.
  • Click on a highlighted building during the game play to get information about it and how your business activity may be having an economic impact, e.g., hospital, law firm, fire department, city hall.  Click on the buildings to see how resources (for example, number of hospital beds or number of teachers or number of police cars) change as your company performs in the local economy.
  • Click “OK” to hide text.

Menus (drop-down menus)

  • The "?" drop-down menu will expose words or terms that you may click on to read definitions for trademarks, copyrights, etc.
  • The Compete, Protect and Enforce menus are actions YOU choose to take that will affect your company’s performance.
  • Actions that may be taken are represented in the darkened text; light gray text is not an option.
  • Ongoing indicates an action chosen that lasts for a month or two (1 month = 30 seconds).
  • Some actions can be taken repeatedly and are indicated by a “+” in the box to be clicked, e.g., improving product design.

“Production Information” Gauges performance

  • The production information in the right column is dependent upon the actions taken under the Compete, Protect, and Enforce menus.
  • The player should keep track of Production rate, Price, Sale, Income, Market Share, Expenses, Taxes, Materials, Profits
  • Click on one of the colored “boxes” on the right side of the screen, for example "expenses", "taxes", "materials" will highlight the money flow between your company and other economic players to show commercial links and the role of your company in economic development, click in the box to hide the flow.
  • Market share, click on the pie chart or graph to enlarge, click again to minimize.
  • Price, click on the “+” and “-“ to raise or lower the price of the product
  • Pie Chart, click on pie chart to enlarge to view market share vis-à-vis competitors, click again to minimize
  • Graphs: the wavy lines in the small boxes may be clicked to view graphs, click a second time to minimize

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